Schoolyard Habitat Program

Wonder. Explore. Discover. – At School

The Schoolyard Habitat Program brings natural science exploration to quad-city area schools. The program restores under-utilized spaces of school campuses into rich, native habitats and outdoor classrooms, encouraging students to learn about scientific concepts through experiential learning.

Each partner school is supplied with standards-based curriculum for grades K-8 and two years of one-on-one instructional support by Highlands Center for Natural History staff.

Alumni Partners
Granite Mountain School
Humboldt Elementary School
Liberty Traditional School
Mountain Oak Charter School
Abia Judd Elementary
Glassford Hill Middle School
Lake Valley Elementary
Mountain View Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Granville Elementary
Washington Traditional Elementary
Miller Valley Elementary
Territorial Elementary
Coyote Springs Elementary

Partner Schools
Every year, the Schoolyard Habitat Program has three school partners, each in a different year of the program.

Current partners
Taylor Hicks Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

Abia Judd Elementary School

Schoolyard Habitats depend on knowledgeable, motivated, and compassionate volunteers. Whether you are interested in digging holes or teaching area students about the natural world click here to find out how to get involved.

Support Our Habitat Program

The Highlands Center is excited to bring this program to Abia Judd Elementary School

The Schoolyard Habitat Program is supported each year by members and friends of the Highlands Center along with families and friends of our local elementary schools through the Arizona Tax Credit program.

Please give your tax donations to Abia Judd Elementary School.
Arizona Tax Credits can be made anytime prior to April 15, 2024

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