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Check out the below articles about what is currently going on in nature in the Central Highlands!  For upcoming events, please go to Events or Calendar. You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive news via e-mail!


Earthworms Improve Our Soils

The ground beneath our feet is one of the most important parts of the forest, alive with billions of diverse organisms vital to forest health…

Fall Butterfly Fuel

Where do butterflies find fuel to support them in their migrations or to over-winter in place? Late season flowering plants rich in nectar…

Fire Returns To The Landscape

The Highlands Center participated in a prescribed burn demonstration by the Prescott National Forest Service (PNF) on Saturday October 28th….

What Is That Annoying Noise!

The loud, shrill sound we have all been hearing for the past few weeks is actually the love song of male cicadas. They are competing…

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