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The Lunch N’ Learn series is an hour-long, member perk that occurs once a quarter. Each class condenses natural history relevant to the Arizona Mogollon Highlands into a lunch’s worth of information.
Lunch is not provided.

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Miraculous Moss – The Remarkable Tenacity of the First Land Plant

with Susie Percy

Envision a cool mossy bank… Many people think of the Pacific Northwest, but this it is common right here in the Central Arizona Highlands! Moss is everywhere here, and in this Lunch N Learn you will explore the role of moss and how it lives in such an arid region. We will discuss why it was the first land plant, its cycle of reproduction, interactions with tardigrades, and how it is utilized by humans and other animals. After discussion, we will use microscopes to take a closer look at this unassuming but remarkable life. . Please bring your own lunch!

Where: Highlands Center for Natural History (1375 South Walker Road)

When: Canceled due to COVID-19 Response

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Past Programs

Hiking the Geology at the Highlands Center

with Fred Oswald

Diverse and impressive rock formations are found along the Highlands Center trails. Phyllite, conglomerates, intrusive dikes, and even the banded iron formation are all found within a comfortable walking distance from the James Learning Center.  In this Lunch N’ Learn, come learn about these various geologic composites and explore the fascinating history of the rocks via slideshow.


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