Innovative and engaging learning activities in nature

PRESCOTT, AZ –September 15, 2016 – The Highlands Center’s Fall Break Camps will run from October 10-14, and are a meaningful way for children of all ages to spend a week learning about nature in an informative and playful setting.

This Fall we are offering two camps, for 1st to 3rd graders and for 4th to 6th graders. These creative camps all take place on the Highlands Center’s 80-acre campus in the Prescott National Forest, two miles from Highway 69. Discovering the mysteries of the animals, plants, and land of the Central Highlands often inspires a new love and understanding of nature among campers. Camps run from 8am – 4pm, cost is $150 members; $205 non-members. Scholarships are available. Information and registration is available here.

Playing to Learn, Learning to Live (for 1st-3rd graders)
Many animals learn their life skills through play and imitation. Highlands Center campers will too! Fall break campers will visit a different habitat each day and participate in activities and games that explore how animals learn and their various techniques for living in these different environments.Campers will discover that you can learn the most amazing things about life when and where you least expect it! Register now!

Patterns in Life (for 4th-6th graders)
Next time you go for a walk in your neighborhood, or on a local trail, take a good look around you. How many different kinds of plants and animals can you spot? No doubt you’ll see many, and most will be quite different from one another. However, when was the last time you stopped to think about how all these living things are the same? What does it mean to be alive? How many commonalities can we draw between different forms of life? This year fall break campers will seek to reveal the patterns shared by all living things, big and small, no matter how different they are. Register now!

What to expect at the Highlands Center’s Nature Camps:
• Innovative and engaging learning activities in the woods
• Investigation of insects, birds, mammals and plants
• Discoveries through fascinating stories from the land
• Observing the connections of the natural world individually and with peers
• Recording memories through writing and drawing


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