For today’s Fresh Air Moment we recommend an imaginative minute of mindfulness.
Take a short hike, find a small place to sit and stare at the landscape, or look out your window. Observe any animals, geological features, habitats, shelter, water and food sources nearby. Imagine you are in that area as a Collared Peccary, snake, rabbit, ant – any animal you can think of!
Remember to open up your senses. Collared Peccaries have poor eyesight, so smell the environment. Snakes can feel vibrations, so place your hands on the ground. Jackrabbits have great hearing, close your eyes and listen. How does that change your perspective of the area? What was insignificant that is now exciting, scary, large, or fascinating?
I see a squirrels playground or an ants extreme challenge. What do you see?
Feel free to share pictures of your landscapes and imaginations to

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