There is a mystery afoot, and Jessie needs help solving it. While shoveling snow in the Discovery Gardens, she came across a strange track she couldn’t identify. Two of the pictures below show the track from different angles. The facts of this case are:
1. found near ramada on Wednesday the 27th
2. track line is 18 ft long and 2-3 inches wide the entire length
3. track line runs from one small bush to another
4. individual foot markings are hard to identify
The other two pictures are of a very familiar animal neighbor. There are a lot of critters around, and right after a snow is the best time to see which of them have been out and about. Farther afield out on trail #305 Jessie followed the tracks of one coyote that used two different methods to move through the snow. Can you guess which is in deeper snow?
Mystery Animal – Abert’s Squirrel
Coyote – bounds through deeper snow

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