“Nothing is art if it does not come from nature.” – Antoni Gaudi

For this Fresh Air Moment, we encourage you to make art from nature! As an outdoor educator, one of the activities I love to use when there is free time is a challenge to make an animal out of materials around you. The image I posted below is one of the most impressive owl creations I have seen. I always love whatever children create and they have fun doing it! Even adults can have fun doing it!
One such adult artist, Raku Inoue, has been working a lot with nature. “It all started out as a morning creative exercise where I would go out in the backyard, get some fresh air and collect whatever I could find to casually make stuff without any pressures of accomplishment. In a work environment, total creative freedom can be such a luxury so I treasure every moment I can spend doing what I really love when I’m off-work.” – Raku Inoue
One of Raku’s projects was of invertebrates in the southwest. He spent time traveling in our area, and crafted native invertebrates with local species of plants.
Go outside and make your own creation from nature! At the Highlands Center, we are fans of “Leave No Trace.” If you make art at a public place, please take a picture of your finished items and return the materials to the places where you found them!
Please email your creations to enixon@highlandscenter.org

Scorpian art and photo by Raku Inoue

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