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Citizen Science

Participating in “citizen” or “community” science is one way to discover the wonders of nature on your own, while contributing to the scientific understanding of our ecoregion. Enjoy walks with the iNaturalist app, or contribute to Monarch and Milkweed maps. For our full list of upcoming events, please view our calendar.


iNaturalist is a website and app that helps you identify the plants and animals around you. When you record your observations by sharing a picture or video with the organization, you are contributing data for scientists to understand nature in specific locations. Download the app and contribute to local and international projects while learning about the organisms you can find at the Highlands Center. If you make any observations at the Highlands Center you can contribute to our project. The Highlands Center is a location on iNaturalist and if you select it you can add to the knowledge of our staff, volunteers, and science interns as well as any other visitors using the app or website. 

Western Monarch Milkweed Mapper

Monarch butterflies populations have been declining across the western part of North America. Multiple organizations hope to better understand where monarchs and their milkweed host plants occur in this region. With this information, they can preserve and protect monarchs. To learn more and join the project, click the button below.

Chronolog Photo Stations

Over the course of 2021, the Highlands Center for Natural History installed four Chronolog photo stations on our 80 acre campus. Photos taken at these stations will be uploaded to timelines and shared for viewing, creating a time-lapse experience.  To take part in this project simply visit a station, take a photo and follow the instructions on the station to upload your photo to the time-lapse.

Our first station is installed just east of the Walnut Meadow on the 442 trail at coordinates: 34.52222877, -112.39026765.

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