NEW Children’s Program 1:00 PM, Adults 2:00 PM, Saturday, January 9th

PRESCOTT, AZ – December 22, 2015 – On Saturday, January 9th from 1:00 to 3:00 PM, the Highlands Center will again host Shade the Raven, a remarkably interesting bird, and her keeper Emily Cory. Children and adults alike will be fascinated by the story of Shade, as told in the children’s book Shade – A Story About a Very Smart Raven by Diane Phelps Budden. This year the Highlands Center is offering Shade as a two-part program, beginning at 1:00 PM with a children’s story about Shade, read by author Diane Phelps, followed by a short meet-and-greet with Shade and her owner, Emily Cory. “Ravens are incredible birds to watch, and display a cleverness that can be almost human,” Budden said. Her book illustrates both the special intelligence of these beautiful birds, and the heartwarming connection possible between animals and humans. Cost for this part of the program is $5 for children, and free for adults. Registration is required, and available online at

The second part of the program at 2:00 PM is an adult-oriented presentation on Emily Cory’s research with ravens, while the children engage in a craft with Diane in the Library. Cost for this part of the program is $5 for adults. Cory will speak more in depth about her two studies this year, one that uses ravens for search and rescue efforts, and the other that focuses on their word-learning abilities. “Shade has been cleared to come out of retirement to work the same puzzle box as the ten wild ravens in my study, and help me collect final data,” Cory commented.

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