Art Contest

The Highlands Center is holding a juried contest for four oil or acrylic paintings by local artists.  As many as four artists may be chosen.  Open to professional and nonprofessional artists. These paintings will depict scenes of local ecosystems/biomes with their rich biodiversity in a representational style. Please be sure to see the list of plants and animals below for ideas.

Call to Artists

Original artwork permanently displayed in the new Ramada Restroom.   $400 Awards.

What biomes are to be illustrated?

  1. Forest Biome of Ponderosa Pine-White Oak-possibly Douglas Fir.

Vertical format 4’ wide X 4’8” high. Exemplified at the Highlands Center (without the Doug Fir), along Walker Road, and Hassayampa River off Senator Highway. 

  1. Riparian Biome with Woodland and possibly Chaparral on nearby uplands. In other words, a stream or pond creating a lush riparian area with nearby woodland (Pinyon Pine and Alligator Juniper) and possibly chaparral (Manzanita, Shrub Oak, and Mountain Mahogany).

Horizontal format 5’4” wide x 2’8” high. Exemplified at Watson Woods,

Granite Creek, and Granite Basin Lake.

What to submit? Interested artists shall submit the following:

  1. Entry form as soon as you decide to enter contest to Felipe Guerrero,
  2. A color sketch of each proposed painting on a minimum 18” x 24” paper/canvas. (You may pick up free sheet of paper at HCNH from Andrew usually between 8-4 M-F.) Use any medium of your choice. Please create your proposed sketch to scale according to the above dimensions and orientation:  Forest Biome (vertical) or Riparian Biome (horizontal).
  3. Three images of examples of your artwork, minimum 8”x10”, completed in the last 5 years. Please list media and size of each example.


Please note: If you use the Internet to get reference material, make absolutely certain you do not use any copyrighted photos or paintings without getting written permission from the artist. Copyright violation may result in disqualification from this competition.  Safe references are provided on the list of Nature Painting Plant and Animals Ideas. Please go to the HCNH website or facebook for this list.

Submission deadline:  Monday June 18, 2018 to Felipe Guerrero

Highlands Center for Natural History,

1375 So. Walker Road, Prescott, AZ. 86303

Artists to be notified by July 2, 2018.

Awards: $400 will be awarded to each selected artist for each painting selected.

Boards provided: Prepared Masonite board of the required dimensions will be provided to each selected artist.

Who will decide which paintings will be chosen?  This will be a juried contest. Jurors to be artist Diane Iverson, artist and naturalist, Walt Anderson, as well as Highlands Center staff.

Commission deadline: The selected paintings must be completed by August 31, 2018. Delivery will be coordinated with Highlands Center staff.

Questions?  Contact Joan Dukes 445-8485, Project Coordinator

The Highlands Center wishes to thank all of those who participate in this project. Hearing how much people enjoy the stunning tiles in our existing restroom, we trust these large paintings celebrating the beautiful biotic diversity of our place on the planet will delight all of our visitors.  And we trust that in creating them, your appreciation for our amazing plant and animal life may also be enhanced.  We are deeply grateful for your time and talent.

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