Volunteers go above and beyond to bring enthusiasm, energy, and time to enhance our community. Highlands Center volunteers assist with every facet of the organization from programming to staff support to maintaining our facilities.

We need your help to continue the work of providing quality outdoor science education to our community.

Volunteers are the foundation of our excellence; we rely heavily on your life skills and time to maintain our sterling reputation and provide a unique and valuable service.

Join Our Team

The Highlands Center fosters a connection to the wonders of nature through observation, exploration, and discovery. Help children and adults discover the wonders of nature and become wise caretakers of the land. If you have a few hours a month or a few days a week to volunteer, we have an opportunity for you.

  • Maintenance Assistant – Help the Center keep up their beautiful trails, landscapes, and building.
  • Highlands Hosts – Work in the Benson Family Nature Store, greet visitors and introduce them to the Center.
  • Naturalists – Interpret and share the stories in nature with others during guided walks or at stations. This is an opportunity to inspire curiosity in others and provide them with the opportunity  to care for the many species with which we share this land (requires a 12 week training course).
  • Schoolyard Habitat Volunteers – Work at school sites throughout the area assisting with the organization of science lessons in the Habitats.
  • Office assistant– Assist in the office with filing, data entry and word processing.

Special training is required for some positions and other opportunities may also be available.

Become a Docent

Field trips for Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grades

Highlands Center Docents are leaders within our school field trip programs and direct their energy and time towards the children of our community, deepening their efforts to support more futures than just that of our organization.

The field trips run at our Lynx Creek site, which functions as a microcosm of the larger systems in Arizona and the perfect outdoor location for the scientific study of the natural world. Docents incorporate their own passions with the mysteries our natural world, and provide the opportunity to nurture a deep learning experience for children and parents attending our school field trips.


Volunteers transition to docents through a semester training and peer mentor program. During this training volunteers develop an understanding of our local natural history, cultivate techniques to inspire children and enhance their awareness of nature, and join an incredible team. At the completion of training, volunteers graduate as Docents who continue on to lead hands-on outdoor activities and trail explorations during school field trips.

As our community grows, so does the need for the expansion of outdoor experiences -experiences that foster an appreciation for our natural world. The Highlands Center is experiencing increased demand, and increased demand increases our need for a larger docent team. We are looking to our community members who have the interest and passion to join that team. School field trips are only one of many volunteer opportunities that incorporate instruction, exploration, and learning. So if you share our passion in creating opportunities for the development of deep connections for children and adults with the natural world, join us. Together we can continue to educate and cultivate wise caretakers of our land, keeping our environment healthy.

Get Started

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Andrew, at 928-776-9550 or email highlands@highlandscenter.org.

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